COVID-19 Policy Statement

At Forest Gate, we are implementing Government and Hospitality Industry guidelines to ensure that our guests can enjoy their stay in as stress-free an environment as possible.  In addition to our high-standard cleaning regime, we have introduced additional procedures to minimise risk.

We will contact guests 24 hours before arrival for confirmation that they are not displaying any symptoms of the virus, the main ones being:

  • A high temperature

  • A new, continuous cough

  • A loss or change to your sense of taste or smell

Similarly, we will confirm to guests that there is no sign of the virus within our own household.

Should a guest become unwell with suspected COVID-19 during their stay, the Government advice is as follows:

“If a guest is displaying signs of the COVID-19 virus while staying in overnight accommodation for a permitted reason, they should inform the accommodation provider, immediately self-isolate where they are to minimise any risk of transmission, and request a test. If they are confirmed to have COVID-19, they should return home if they reasonably can. They should use private transport but only drive themselves if they can do so safely. If a guest cannot reasonably return home (for example because they are not well enough to travel or do not have the means to arrange transport), their circumstances should be discussed with an appropriate health care professional and, if necessary, the local authority.”

In the very unlikely event that guests become unwell at  Forest Gate, we will endeavour to give every support possible.

Changes to standard procedures

  • Social distancing to be observed at all times

  • Face coverings to be used when interacting with guests

  • All housekeeping duties to be undertaken wearing gloves

  • Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes provided in guest areas

  • Additional sanitization of all surfaces and touch points eg keys, light switches, door handles etc

  • Additional sanitization of hospitality trays

  • Crockery etc in guest areas to be cleaned in hot dishwasher cycle between occupancies

  • Breakfast condiments served in squeeze bottles to be sanitized between uses

  • Unused tea, coffee and sugar sachets to be replaced between occupancies

  • All bedding and towels to be washed using laundry sanitizer

  • Guest information and menu placed in wipe-clean acrylic poster holders

  • Tourist leaflets, books, maps and games are not available for the time being